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Anie Knipping
Blurbero desde febrero de 2010
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Mi biografía I'm a social autistic, a layabout with Panic/Anxiety Disorder, and a terminal optimist with clinical depression. I am oversensitive to stimuli but overdose on it willingly, my synesthesia enhancing it all the more. I'm a reclusive and fragile but I'll jump off a cliff if I feel there's something important to learn from it.

I live a strange, charmed life pocked with small wonders and bursts of impossibility achieved. I'm a professional artist despite my best efforts to be a professional writer. I have a collection of marbles that I maintain are all facsimiles of other universes and once grew tomatoes out of the trunk of my car.

I created my own ideas to compensate and wrote/illustrated a book in order to share my results with others. One of my life's quests to get it traditionally published.

The other is to become wise.

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I might post my manifesto under my account instead of my agent's, but only if he says it won't piss him off.
Here's the link;

Also might put together a few little books of photography, if only because I'm afraid of losing them due to a hard drive crash.
Todos necesitan saber acerca de estos autores y artistas...
I'm more or less a recluse when it comes to the art scene, so I have no idea. :-(