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John Simpson
Blurbero desde julio de 2008
Nombre John Simpson
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Ubicación Portland, Oregon, USA
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación I get paid to do marketing, but my real job is saving boobs.
Mi biografía I’m a father, a runner and what cancer organizations call a “co-survivor”. Meaning I’ve experienced cancer not as a patient, but as a family member whose loved ones have endured it.

As a grassroots fundraiser, I’ve met many people affected by this disease and I personally lost my mom to breast cancer in December 2006, just a week before Christmas.

In a moment I shared with my mom in her hospital room, 5K35, she taught me about courage, generosity, strength and love. Her final wish to me was that we'd do whatever we can to eliminate this disease so other women wouldn't go through what she did.

I wrote this book as a simple way to explain to my young kids why daddy cares about raising money and spreading the word in whatever crazy ways I can. It's also a reminder that we should laugh a lot and enjoy every moment, even when dealing with the serious topic of cancer.

Thanks for buying the book and joining the fight. 100% of the proceeds I make goes directly to charity.

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