Roberto P. Medina

Tampa, Florida, USA
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I was born in Hungary of Jewish lineage, grew up in Argentina, and live currently in Tampa, Florida. I am what is called a "secular Jew," non-practicing and with very little religious education and just a few cultural traditions, In spite of this, I found myself profoundly attracted to the remnants of an ancient and now almost extinct Jewish tradition in Eastern Europe.

Of course I have been deeply affected by the Holocaust, even though I was born three years after the end of World War II. My mother, still alive, is a survivor, having lost part of her family to the Holocaust. Like most survivors, up until recently she has been reluctant to talk about her experiences. A few years ago, she was interviewed in Buenos Aires, where she lives, by representatives of Steven Spielberg's Shoa Project, and I have a copy of the tape. On it, she finally opened up the spigot of her memories and emotions, in a way that she has never done before… (continues in the book).

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