Is PDF to Book for me?

Our PDF to Book workflow was created for people who have experience using advanced book layout tools.

If you are using Adobe® InDesign®, Blurb offers a plug-in that streamlines the book creation process.

If you are new to book layout we suggest downloading Blurb BookSmart®, our free and easy-to-use book-making software.

Introduction to PDF to Book Workflow

Print print

Blurb provides all the tools you need to custom publish your own bookstore-quality books, rich with full-color pictures or crisply reproduced black and white photographs, sharp line drawings, and original typography. With our digital print-on-demand services, you can create books that meet your exacting standards. Blurb’s PDF to Book workflow supports all of the advanced book design elements you see in art books, coffee-table books, and other premium publications. Using PDF to Book, you can publish a book with full-color photographs that extend to the edges of the covers, images, or logos on the spine, and additional design elements that aren’t possible with Blurb BookSmart®. Whether you want to publish a small tome of your poetry or go large with a full-color photography portfolio, your choices are many: seven different book sizes, three different cover options, and different paper choices for your book’s pages.

Blurb books are printed digitally and on-demand, so many of our processes our automated. We use the HP Digital Indigo printer to print all of our full-color books, and it outputs superb quality images and crisp text using the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) ink output. (The pages of our Black and White books are printed on a different device). Our systems run an automatic check, called a preflight check, on your uploaded file to make sure it will print successfully – we make sure the file is in the correct PDF format, the correct size, has an even number of pages, and meets all the other printing criteria. If all’s okay, it’s immediately sent to the digital printer’s queue for publishing.

Because this is a completely digital process, you are responsible for all of the design decisions that add up to a finished book, including placing content within your book’s trim lines and previewing the exported PDF before it hits the presses.

Many human hands will guide your book along the way, carefully placing your dust jacket on the cover, trimming pages, making the ImageWrap covers, and packaging up your order. The entire process, from upload and order to arriving on your doorstep, takes about seven to ten days depending on the shipping method you choose.

In order to create a compliant PDF/X-3 file for Blurb, you must be proficient with a page-layout application such as Adobe® InDesign®.

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