Is PDF to Book for me?

Our PDF to Book workflow was created for people who have experience using advanced book layout tools.

If you are using Adobe® InDesign®, Blurb offers a plug-in that streamlines the book creation process.

If you are new to book layout we suggest downloading Blurb BookSmart®, our free and easy-to-use book-making software.

PDF to Book Publishing Guides

The basic PDF to Book process is simple. All you do is create your book with a design application like Adobe® InDesign® or your preferred book layout software. InDesign users should start by downloading our plug-in for Adobe InDesign to use as a guide. All others should reference our table of correct measurements that provides you the specs you need to build your book's PDF in any multi-page layout tool.

Blurb PDF/X-3:2002 Export Preset for Adobe® Products

Once you're ready to export your PDF, you'll need to use the press-friendly PDF/X-3:2002 format set with Acrobat 4 (PDF1.3) compatibility. This is a flattened PDF. The above guides explain this in detail. The export settings file can be downloaded here:

Download Blurb PDF Export Preset, v1.1 (4 KB .zip file)