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This is a father’s story to his son.
The story of the friendship and
love between the two of them.
A photographic journal,
with poetry and prose.

Zaki was born on the 18th of
April 2011 in Perth, Australia.
His mother, Tanami, is Australian
and his father, the author of this
book, Mohammed (Morsi),
is Egyptian.

This book visually captures times
in Zaki's life from the age of six
months to eighteen months.

ISBN 978-87-995401-1-2


Acerca del autor

Mohammed Massoud Morsi
morsi At the moment Perth, Australia
Morsi is a writer and photographer, but in a past life he’s also earned his bread by programming commercial aircraft, designing websites, and doing graphic design, not to mention all types of construction trades, including carpentry, electrical engineering, and ship building, as well as fishing, skippering boats, or driving trucks, cars, or forklifts. A native of Egypt who’s spent a good deal of his life in Copenhagen, Denmark, he’s travelled the world twice over, and is now based somewhere in Asia or Australia. But these words merely describe the way he earns a living, but not the way he lives. He’s an example of that rare breed one is lucky enough to encounter but a few times in a given life; the autodidact man. ~Erik Thomas Johnson~

Fecha de publicación  10 de diciembre de 2012

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