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Seven years ago, I felt the Earth changes happening more powerfully than ever.
They disturbed me on every level, and eventually when it became so overwhelming, I realized that perhaps it was not just I who was suffering but the very world around me......M.E. herself. I sat down alone in nature, with a pen and paper, and asked the Earth Mother....
"what is it you are trying to tell me?"

And this is what she said.....

This book is currently entered in The Next Top Author competition and is in the top 150 - to view my book pitch I would truly appreciate you visiting and if you like what you see, please vote!
First prize is a real publishing contract - something that would be a dream come true and a sure way to get this "message" delivered to the world! My ID at this site is 2010.
Peace and gratitude x


Acerca del autor

Wendy Slee
sunshiine Busselton, Western Australia

Life is the most amazing adventure.......
and the discoveries are profound and precious.....

If I can express this in any small way through my art and writing, then I am justified, if I can make this world a better place in any small way while I am here, then I am fulfilled. If I can make a positive difference in the life of just one other person or touch someone by my work, then I am truly honoured.
Thank you.

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juliemarks dice

Your book is extraordinary for it´s stunning photography, poignant
and eloquent prose. Your message is critical and you are
an amazing creative and imaginative force to deliver
information that will help restore the damage done
to our planet and the people and animals that are
struggling to survive. I wish you the best in this extraordinary
publication that would not only please the sentient creatures
of Planet Earth, but as you have shown in your photographs
and spiritual teachings, this book would certainly please

publicado 03 de ago. a las 22:29 PST


adbetron dice

Onya Wendy! Good luck with your awesomeful project!

publicado 29 de mar. a las 22:58 PST


hecate0 dice

A beautiful inspiring read wendy and the photography is out of this world!

publicado 24 de nov. a las 23:59 PST

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