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This book is about a week I spent wandering around the streets of Barcelona in November 2008. I was interested in how the city had changed since i had last been there in 1963. I mostly took pictures of old and new architecture plus small accidental details of urban life and people, often including my own hand. I shot them all at an angle of 45 degrees to give a more dynamic effect. I put the photos in two vertical image containers per page with four across a two page spread for a highly energetic visual composition.
This is the first of my "activity" interactive book projects --where I would like the reader to become more involved in the process of making and experiencing the book itself with a set of simple manual instructions.
I ask the person who buys the book online to take about ten minutes and work on transforming the book into a new physical creation .For "Barcelona Unfolds" this means that all the forty pages of the book must be neatly folded, either to the right or left, down the center edge in the middle of the page.This will create a series of twenty "gatefolds" that can be carefully opened or closed as you turn all the pages in sequence. Also, both front and back covers should be carefully bent inwards to make two large protective jacket flaps.
Doing this hand work with an online product makes the book have a more personal involvement with the owner as he participates in making the book come alive and kinetic.
Plus the intricate "gatefolds" themselves slow down the reading process, by not letting us just ' flip' quickly through the pages as we have all become too accustomed to doing in an era of instant image recognition.
Additionally, the secretive "gatefolds" , with their many hidden surprises, perhaps give us the experience of wandering aimlessly through a new city, turning unexpected corners, going down alleys and up long staircases, meeting strangers and new lovers, getting lost, taking buses and metros to the end of the line, noticing weird signs and humanoid trashcans, etc. all combine for a participation in the slightly surreal dislocated dreamlike world of the traveller.
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Also, i have a new book published this month called "Skate Park". It can be found on Amazon for $45.00. it was originally a blurb book called "Wheels On Waves' but it found a real world publisher called Birch Books and you can even order it from his website The book is 12x12 inches ,hardcover, well designed and beautifully printed with 100 pages of exciting skate boarding action photos. A great gift for your son or daughter, sister or brother who loves skateboarding.


Acerca del autor

Arthur Tress
I am a photographer who enjoys making small surreal books of fantasy narrative.For the last few years I have rediscovered 'documentary' photography and no longer see the difference between that approach and "staged 'manipulated imagery as both are projections of the artist's awareness and imagination.

Fecha de publicación  23 de noviembre de 2009

Dimensiones  Apaisado estándar  76 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Fotografía artística

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jdrolle dice

Simply stunning!

publicado 14 de jul. a las 04:24 PST


MichaelAE dice

The most innovative, creative, and visually appealing story-telling collection of urban photographs I've seen to date. By far.

publicado 14 de may. a las 09:32 PST

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