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by RT Vegas

A picture book of curious creatures illustrated by Outsider Folk Artist RT Vegas.
This 80 page full color book contains 77 images of original art. Entertaining art for kids AND adults!

"Just the kind of picture book that tickles the fancy of little ones, while adults will enjoy the simple but expressive illustrations..."


"The comic scenes help retain the book’s entertainment value through repeated viewings..."


"See a variety of monsterous creatures in this raucous picture book illustrated by RT Vegas..."


"Sometimes a little more serious but still fun for kids (and adults) of all ages!"


"Using vivid illustrations Mr. Vegas cleverly tells stories or engages the mind of the viewer..."


"Kids who cannot yet read are often more observant of the stories pictures tell than the rest of us. They will "read" these books all on their own, but established readers will not be bored with the original illustrations..."


"This is one you will enjoy again and again. Each page is filled with so many funny details that it takes several viewings to take it all in..."


"Although the figures are somewhat cartoon-like, the results are satisfying for kids and adults alike..."


"As in the best wordless books, this lovely, lavishly colored picture book works on many levels for many ages..."


"Any true lover of Mr. Vegas' art will surely be enthralled with this collection of goodies. I for one must have a copy to enrich and emerge my life in the true meaning of art to enlighten one's soul in today's otherwise disturbing world." Frankie Teardrop of TVT Productions Art in the Modern World Review


Acerca del autor

RT Vegas
joevacus White Plains, New York USA

My work is complex yet simple. It can be classified in the outsider art genre, but contains elements of art brut, graffiti, abstract, pop art and cartoon illustration. I like working with mixed media and will paint on most anything. My subject matter includes cartoon figures, monsters, tribal folk, animals, mythological beasts and anything else that pops into my mind.
RT Vegas..born Arthur Heinzinger-1958 in White Plains, New York USA

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justinaerni dice

Lots of beautiful never before seen RT VEGAS art in here. Looks really amazing from what I've seen so far. Hope to buy a copy soon. ~ Justin Aerni

publicado 07 de jun. a las 13:52 PST


Teardrop57 dice

I have an autographed copy of this great book filled with the most curious creatures imaginable. RT Vegas is tops at his game.

Frankie Teardrop (Pencilhead)

publicado 10 de feb. a las 09:47 PST


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