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Join a modern day explorer as he leads a team and treks through the last remote rainforests, deserts and plains of Madagascar in search of ants! See brilliant photos of Dr. Brian Fisher, an adventurer and biologist featured on Animal Planet, the BBC and in Discover magazine, as he inventories insects as a useful tool to discover and preserve the biodiversity of all plants and animals on this unique island.

This large format photo essay follows the story of Dr. Fisher’s research as he inventories ants on a massive scale and constructs Madagascar’s first biodiversity research center. All proceeds from the sale of this book ($50) go directly to support the mission to discover and conserve the biodiversity of Madagascar. Your contribution to this California Academy of Sciences project is tax deductible in the United States.

Through education and research, Dr. Fisher’s team is creating an industrial strength index and database of the environment. This fascinating story features more than the early warnings of an environment under attack, but also explores how a local community becomes "bioliterate" - understanding and protecting the natural world that surrounds them.

Full color, full page images detail the planning, strength and endurance required to explore difficult terrain and perform field research on a massive scale in distant lands. Trucks mired in mud, ox carts forging rivers and the camaraderie of international research teams – its all in this book.


Acerca del autor

Brian L. Fisher
bpescador San Francisco, California, USA

Dr. Fisher has published research on ants since 1986. He is a leading authority on the application of modern methods to biodiversity and conservation. His current research centers in Madagascar where he initiated the Biodiversity Center Project in collaboration with Park Tsimbazaza. He has conducted research in Madagascar since 1992, and for the last six years has been the lead scientist on the National Science Foundation-funded arthropod inventory of Madagascar project. He has trained a cadre of Malagasy University students in entomology and conservation biology. His specialty within entomology is the diversity and evolution of ants. He has published over 50 peer reviewed articles in scholarly journals and books. He is currently Associate Curator of Entomology at the California Academy of Sciences and adjunct research professor of biology at the University of California at Berkeley. He has appeared in a number of BBC, Discover Channel, and National Geographic films.

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