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My Doodled Diary is a collection of sketches that explore the recesses of my imagination, tell the tale of a day's event or something that really has no meaning at all. At any rate, it's my tiny daily journal on tiny paper.


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The Bee
thebee1111 Earth
Bio of The Bee: The Bee is an artist, photographer, documentarian, creative writer, editor and noise enthusiast. The Bee has a fond interest in all things eccentric and normal including (but not limited to): rocks, tea pots, the color green, grandpas guitars, feathers, small square pieces of paper with a slightly sticky adhesive on the back, tornados, shiny things, insects, watching clouds slowly roll through the sky on a lazy day, stress, fairy bells, tags, electricity, pencil lead, hawks, tattoos, vegan marshmallows, eyeballs, lip balm, espresso, vegetarian food, paperclips (only the large ones), a really good sound system and the number eleven.

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