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I am a portrait artist who works in oil paint, encaustic, acrylic, and photography. I believe that portraiture is about humanity, timelessness, immediacy, and yearning. My art allows me to interpret what I encounter in ways which are satisfying, spontaneous, eternal, and sometimes disturbing.

I experience life's conditions (such as age, youth, hope, resignation, struggle, sexuality, and nature) in ways which are spontaneous, eternal, and distilled: filtered through my use of selection, media, visual language, light, mood, surroundings, unconsciousness, process, tools, and equipment.

I grew up in Maine. My roots and interests are global. I am a woman, a Buddhist, a humanitarian, an environmentalist, and a lover of truth. I studied graphic design, photography, and fine art at Rochester Institute of Technology, Massachusetts College of Art, and the University of Southern Maine. Art, photography, and writing are important to me as part of an evolving world visual, aesthetic, and ethical consciousness.


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Abigail Wellman
awellman Portland, Maine

Abigail Wellman is a fine art photographer who grew up in Southern Maine. She studied Graphic Design, Photography and Fine Art at Rochester Instititute of Technology, Massachusetts College of Art, and the University of Southern Maine. She resides and works in Portland, and has been pursuing photography and digital imaging for twelve years.

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Bradlandia dice

Hi Abi,

I just went through the book and it was great to see your photos again as a cohesive collection. I cannot wait to see a printed copy!

As I stated earlier, I especially loved how the subjects in the photos with black backgrounds were visually embedded within the pages. A stunning effect...great choice of background color.

Seeing the work as a cohesive piece, really does bring to life the diversity and visual complexity of your subjects and the different ways you "see" your subjects and portray them photographically. Each photo of each woman evokes a broad spectrum of emotions and moods as a collection.

Beautiful work!

publicado 02 de nov. a las 20:51 PST


Vannella dice

Wow, really enjoyed the book. Particularly liked that it represented women of all shapes, ethnicities and sizes. I will be telling others about this site :)

publicado 31 de oct. a las 13:59 PST


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