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I’ve been writing poetry for 20 years and after my cancer diagnoses in 2004 I needed an outlet for my frustration and emotional pain. Whether I’m sad, angry, happy or mad writing poetry gives me that outlet. So you will find many emotions within this book, some sad some full of hope and encouragement. The pictures in this book for the most part, I took with my digital camera. The artwork is, work I did at a day treatment program I am involved in. My hope is that the reader is moved or inspired by the work within this book.
Carrie Sue Snelgrove


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Carrie Sue Day Snelgrove
Carrie2409 Greenfield, MA 01301
I have been writting poetry for the past 20 years. When I got diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago I needed an outlet for my emotions and I turned to my poetry, some of it is light some of it is on the darker side, just shows my emotions. I enjoy writting poetry never really knew I had the talent untill a few years ago though, even though I have been writting it for years. My other hobby is digital photagraphy. I am just beginning with this one. So I incorporate the poetry and pictures togethor. Now I also like to do qoutes as well. I'm a spiritual person by nature, by that I mean, I feel that I flow with the universe and my poetry does the same and I believe it comes out in my pictures too. I love animals as you can tell from my books! I have a lot of inspiration and hope at the moment so I pray it continues as I pursue a college degree in media art. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it. Thank You....Carrie Sue Day Snelgrove

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