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When things come apart they are either broken or they are taken apart. They might be dismantled intentionally to see how the process works. The following images are a part of the dismantling process of the subjects that we encounter in our lives. Reverse engineering is done to see how all of the pieces fit together. The process of documenting our surroundings can not only dismantle our world, but also who we are and how we interact with our surroundings.

We start with a massive picture in front of us. Too large to view it all at one time. Slowly the scene is sculpted, trimmed, and cropped. Angles change and viewpoints are altered. Slowly the dismantling takes place until we are left with an essence of the subject. It all seems random. Light reflects, motion is stopped, and space is compressed.

It's not the end result of the process that holds any meaning. It is within the dismantling process that truth can be found. Remove the extra unneeded lining and we are left with a nakedness that reflects either the good,bad, or somewhere in between. Together the totality of the images enhance our view and our experience with ourselves in our world.


Acerca del autor

James Gehrt
jgehrt Easthampton, MA, USA

I have been carrying a camera with me for 25 years. I shoot the things in life, were I am. The subjects are usually not beautiful on their own, but somehow strike me by the beauty found in their commonality. Not the extraordinary, but the ordinary. Simple, usually quiet subjects that may go unnoticed. Black and white because, I guess that is the way I see. To me, my images feel a bit sad, a bit strange, a bit interesting, and the subjects, somehow unique. I hope you enjoy and thank you for visiting.

Fecha de publicación  24 de octubre de 2009

Dimensiones  Cuadrado pequeño  40 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Fotografía artística

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deoxygen dice

I love the photography and the minimalistic touch, well done!

publicado 30 de oct. a las 01:22 PST


jameseales36 dice

Thanks for comment on my book, your work looks really interesting, looking forward to going through it more!

publicado 27 de oct. a las 04:48 PST


Junehee dice

Nice book!!
Especially the photos using sunlights.

publicado 26 de oct. a las 08:50 PST

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