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This book is a compilation of observations of 4 great cities: Chicago, London, Madrid and New York.


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Twisha Shah-Brandenburg
twisha25 Chicago, USA
Together with my husband I founded a design firm called Studio Synthesis. We are a multi-disciplinary design studio in Chicago. We have produced a number of projects that range from branding, print design, illustrations, multi-media and photography in the corporate and non-profit sectors.

Fecha de publicación  22 de octubre de 2009

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Comentarios (8)


isabelle001 dice

I love the idea, thank you for explaining how you did it. Nowadays with all the photoshop pictures it is nice to see great creativity the all fashion way, by looking around us and see differently than others. Great job. I voted for you. If you have a nimutes, please vote for my book Woman in the family category.

publicado 02 de nov. a las 05:21 PST


globalism dice

Like it! An original idea for a book - got my vote.

publicado 31 de oct. a las 10:23 PST


twisha25 dice

Dear EverBGreen, None of these images are photoshopped. All of these were either reflections on glass windows and other reflective surfaces. We are surrounded by them it's just a matter of looking at the right moments!
Thank you for your comment. Hope this answers your question.

publicado 30 de oct. a las 08:32 PST


EverBGreen dice

Wow! Stupid question: How does one superimpose images like that? You've got my vote! My computer expert tells me I don't have Photoshop if that matters.

publicado 30 de oct. a las 08:02 PST


thmurray dice

What a beautiful way to share your insight from your travel. You two always impress me with your work and dedication to design. Well done!

publicado 23 de oct. a las 11:29 PST


gmerc dice

Really nice work. Having seen a lot of these images in print, I can say they're beautiful and form a really nice collection. No doubt the book's design complements them well.

publicado 23 de oct. a las 11:14 PST


twisha25 dice

Dear jgehrt,

Thanks for your comment. This was very exciting for us to put together so it is great to see positive feedback.

publicado 23 de oct. a las 07:22 PST


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