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"Who is Norman?"
Voices: English for Secondary School

Not many Australian Old English Sheepdogs have a feature page in a
Swiss English high school text book.

But Norman does.

These 25 photos chart his loyalty, friendship and never-ending quest
for snacks over a year in the photographer's life.

Norman is every dog.
Norman is hungry.
Norman is just like you and me.


Acerca del autor

Patrick Boland
mrbolano Sydney, NSW, Australia

I'm a freelance photographer working out of Sydney, Australia. I live in Summer Hill which is in the Inner West of Sydney, home of five thousand take away Indian and Thai restaurants. My wife and I have two gorgeous girls and one loving dog, Norman. You might have heard of him? He was featured in a Swiss English for High School text book. The internet is a weird place.

I take lot of photos. I look forward to the day when I'm long gone and my relatives can no longer open the archaic file formats and just decide to delete them.

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mrbolano dice

Thanks dmkilbride! And thanks for picking up the bad link. Will have to fix that.


publicado 15 de nov. a las 03:59 PST


dmkilbride dice

I just looked at your website....Cockatoo Island Project is stunning.
The Fairy Rocketeer...I only wish I had the software and ability to use it like you.

Couldn't get into Easter Show 08...links to What I Ate 365 days.

publicado 15 de nov. a las 03:48 PST


jennyuga dice

i just wanted to see if you made it in to the top 15. i'm hoping so!

publicado 10 de nov. a las 18:36 PST


hatbertson dice

Arghhh! I think I only just voted in time! Sorry for the late vote Pat. Book looks fantastic. Norman way cuter than any other pet in his category. Go Norman! Go Norman! Woof woof!! HC

publicado 09 de nov. a las 20:48 PST


zoda dice

He's a lovely dog! And you eat some very tasty looking food!! Cheers, Zoe D.

publicado 09 de nov. a las 20:19 PST


jvillasis dice

you got my vote!

wonderful! please take a look at my book and vote if you like:

Vietnam Up Close:

publicado 09 de nov. a las 20:05 PST


BeatriceRob dice

Your Mum told me to vote. So here I am! Great book. Give Norman a scritch. Beatie

publicado 09 de nov. a las 17:24 PST


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