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"The Soul of Me" is a book about a group of cats and their human (me), and how they have enriched my life.

It also features "Stormy", a homeless cat I rescued who is still searching for his Forever Home.

I am happy to report that Stormy has found his Forever Home. I got a chance to visit with him and he looks beyond happy. Here are links to short videos of that visit:


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Cully Miller
Cully FL

Fecha de publicación  20 de octubre de 2009

Dimensiones  Apaisado estándar  68 páginas Papel premium, acabado mate

Categoría  Mascotas

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Comentarios (56)


Mitzicats dice

Wonderful photos of beautiful cats!

publicado 08 de nov. a las 09:06 PST


MarySVEH dice

A really sweet book. Your personality shines through in this book. You do so much for the animals. We love seeing you at the hospital, and hope you'll come back to visit soon. Dr. Ellis wants to order extra copies of these books. We get so many compliments on the ones we have!

publicado 07 de nov. a las 10:50 PST


JenniferSVEH dice

This book is extremely inspiring and moving. The illustrations are beautiful. Stormy is a very quirky and sweet, he deserves a wonderful home.

publicado 07 de nov. a las 10:42 PST


BarbCatLvr dice

Great book! I was blown away by the photos you took. We were so inspired and the cats all look so incredible. Love the Burmese! I hope you find Stormy a great home.

publicado 07 de nov. a las 10:32 PST


AmyVT dice

Way cool!!!!! I love this book so much..I have to have a copy. Stormy is such a great cat and I hope this book will help him get the home he so deserves.

publicado 07 de nov. a las 10:28 PST


JeanieSVEH dice

Awesome book Cully!! Not that we are surprised!! We love Stormy here. We are all looking at your book now, and we love it all of them.

publicado 07 de nov. a las 10:25 PST


SVEHVTShari dice

Wow!!! I thought this was so awesome. Of course the Stormy page was my favorite, but all of the stories are heartwarming. Thanks Cully.

publicado 07 de nov. a las 10:17 PST

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