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Walks with Sierra: The Story of an Old Soul is the memoir of a stray.

While the first of the winter storms was preparing to unleash biting winds and a blanket of snow, an old dog was abandoned. Left by the roadside to die, he somehow gathered the strength to make his way to a farm where he was taken in and given a name.

Beautiful photographs and lyrical vignettes chronicle what was to be the last year of his life. Lingering and rich impressions of the land, the unexpected gift of a deep and enduring friendship, and the insights of a sage and soulful being ensure that this special dog and his story will both be long remembered.

This book is a wonderful gift for anyone who has ever loved or lost a dog.

"Walks with Sierra encompasses what many of us have felt but could never put into words. It celebrates the bond between a human and a dog, one that can reach so deep. The simple beauty of the author's words lets you in; you feel everything - the joys, the pain and the love.

Walks with Sierra is not a singular experience. This book is meant to be shared. It conveys why loving an older dog is so rewarding, not just a gift to the dog, but a gift to the human. It begs the question who rescued whom."
- Sherri Franklin, Executive Director, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue


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Liz Brooking
SierraMyDog USA

Fecha de publicación  20 de octubre de 2009

Dimensiones  Cuadrado pequeño  134 páginas   Papel estándar

Categoría  Mascotas

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daschund3 dice

Liz, the story of your time with Sierra touched my heart in ways that only someone who has loved a dog can know. You shared your time together with such sensitivity and a love that I feel you were both so blessed to experience. I have two 13 year old dogs which makes your story even more endearing to me. Something written that can move emotions like this is truly a work of art. Thank you for sharing...

publicado 19 de nov. a las 07:19 PST


JanetHumble dice

A wonderful brought tears to my eyes.

publicado 18 de nov. a las 17:46 PST


jasonfirth dice

I may be a bit prejudiced because I know and love "Mom," but this book is so beautiful. It's like an impressionist painting that conveys a set of complicated, deep, heart-scrunching feelings with sensitively and love. A perfect read ("reflection" might be a better word) for an few hours of solitude.

publicado 07 de nov. a las 09:23 PST


green88 dice

Beautiful, touching, perceptive. I feel I knew Sierra as an old dear friend. This book has got to win !
Richard Tallandoon Australia

publicado 05 de nov. a las 16:03 PST


hj511 dice

i love Sierras interactions with other animals, especially Wilma the pig. I guess I'm much more of a softy than I thought I was because I cried.

publicado 05 de nov. a las 09:59 PST


djstrick dice

Great way to celebrate the old guy's life. He could not have had a better companion for his last year.

publicado 02 de nov. a las 14:25 PST


leh5013 dice

Liz -- Sierra is so cute!! This book I just love... My husband and I have a very old dog ourselves named Oreo.. He must be at least fifteen and he still gets around okay, but we know he won't be with us forever.. :-( Also, have a shih tzu named Bandit who is about eleven now and he is my baby..! I just recently got married in June so Bandit is still at my parent's house, but I see him frequently! I do miss seeing him everyday though... :-( Anyways, just love every photo in this book and all the writing! Great job...! Voter number 98!! Really sorry she is gone, but sounds like the time you had with Sierra in your life was amazing!! It is hard to loose a pet we love so much -- they sure do bring a lot of joy into our lives!

publicado 02 de nov. a las 12:48 PST


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