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Hello Everyone -
Thanks for checking out &/or voting for my book.

You Cannot Vote until Oct 23rd, 2009.

This book came out of nowhere, sort of like my beauteous Pug daughter, Maxine.
I have always loved dogs and animals & grew up with them, but later on in life - would always have a cat , because it was easier with small apts & as far as renting.

On July 10th 2005, I went to a Pet store with friends & what can I say ...I'm a softie & those who know me know its true.

I had a weak moment - & my friend/landlord was with me, cheering on the idea of me becoming Mommy to this tiny Pug puppy who just adopted me. LOL

& here I type, with my dog by my side.

Everyone, Introducing - my baby -
& she'll even teach you how to SMILE !

Meet .... The fabulous, comical
: )


Acerca del autor

YDONTIFITIN Levittown, Long Island, New York - U.S.A.
41 ...& Life Has Only Just Begun ... Lil is short for Lillian. I don't care what you call me, Just call me . : ) It's been quite the Journey & The Saga Continues. As the stomach turns. LOL I've led a full life & it's been far from easy but I always survive & always will, because "I'm Just Me" ..."I'm Just Lil" I have a cat son and a dog daughter & what's better than that !!! I am the person who tries to make everyone laugh & usually succeeds. Laughter is the best medicine. I would love to attempt "stand up" comedy one day. I have been writing since I am 12 years old and find it most gratifying. Getting your thoughts out on paper is one of the best forms of "therapy" to let it all out. I'm a total "People" person. I am blessed with wonderful family & friends in high & low places. I get along with all walks of life and especially love children & animals. I can be quite serious but I'm a big kid at heart and a big goofball... I love Music, Reiki & Life

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Comentarios (42)


BrandonMilli dice

Sorry neither of us got first, but it's cool that we both got in the top 15 right? LOL

publicado 18 de nov. a las 15:14 PST


darthfabry dice

Nice idea and funny pictures, I like it!

publicado 17 de nov. a las 02:19 PST


quaint dice

maxine is such a cutey and with so much personality! i loved your book and how you designed it. the dog bone frames are terrific. love your writing, too! thank you for your nice words on ours. cindy

publicado 10 de nov. a las 06:55 PST



Thank you all for your great comments - which really meant a lot to me & for your votes !
Maxine is lying here right next to me as I type always ! : )
Best Friends like this are a rarity & really hard to find.
The unconditional love & loyalty unsurpassed.
Best of luck to those in the contest & good luck in your future writing and/or photography endeavors ...
& to my awesome family & friends
Maxine & I hope to catch up with you before the yrs end & we love you lots ! ...
Be Well - Be Happy
: )

publicado 08 de nov. a las 22:11 PST


bobbalucy dice

I love this book!!! It really warmed my heart:)

publicado 08 de nov. a las 20:12 PST


McCreedy5 dice

Good Luck Lil!!

publicado 08 de nov. a las 09:27 PST


slcarpy dice

I wish you the best of luck in the contest. The book is great. Think it will be a christmas gift to myself this year. Hope life is treating you well. Talk again soon.


publicado 08 de nov. a las 05:40 PST

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