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This is truly a one of a kind coffee table book!

Roots of My Black America; A Charleston Plantation began as a travel journal from the summer of 2005. This book is undoubtedly a ground-breaking work of art with it's colorful images, history, and first hand experiences!
The distinguished LGBT/SGL author and poet,
Azaan Kamau takes us on a prolific journey
back in time. This is a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece that leaves you hungry for more! This breathe-taking book is packed with Azaan's amazing brilliant images, Her very personal journal entries about slavery, the plantation, facts, and a few unexpected surprises! Roots of My Black America; A Charleston Plantation is guaranteed to make you think, empower and inspire you.


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Glover Lane Press
Azaankamau Sherman Oaks, CA

Glover Lane Press and I have helped countless individuals to publish & distribute media independently in print, digital and audio formats.

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Azaan Kamau CEO of Glover Lane Press

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SShakur dice

Azaan I just voted for your amazing and beautiful book! Best of luck my friend!

publicado 07 de nov. a las 14:12 PST


b5ml dice

Great book! i've just voted for it! If you get the chance to look at my book.. here is the link (, if you like please vote for my Iran - on the outside looking in...


publicado 07 de nov. a las 05:34 PST


salimamasud dice

Azaan Kamau book speaks of the spirit of the past and the hope of the future. The words below is the voice of a dear artist friend of mine and share the same spirit of US. Thank you Azaan Kamau!

"When I allowed myself to get beyond the feelings of hurt, anger and disgust of how my ancestors were treated as slaves, living in inhuman conditions, I was able to see how we(meaning my slave ancestors) equate with the Israelites. They were Gods chosen people. His favor was on them.He led them out of bondage(slavery) as He has done us.
Looking at the pictures of this period of time was mind boggling. Some caused great fear as if I were there.
BUT GOD! BUT GOD-- LET MY PEOPLE GO!! Past history cannot be changed, but better choices in the present makes a better history as time passes.
I painted these paintings as truthful as I know how, to let the younger generations know how it was in that period of history, here in this, their area, with their ancestors, not that long ago. I grew up during the period of segregation, experienced it, graduated from a segregated school and was blessed to see desegregation start.
My belief is that in all negative situations, there is always that glimmer of hope. The Light of God that leads us out of the seeming hopeless situations of life, if we hang in there and follow the Light!
To my family, friends and future generations, this is my rendition of "HISTORY PRESERVED"

Quote from the artist Viola Lassiter (my friend and history artist)
Salima Masud

(pictures not shown with this message)

publicado 31 de oct. a las 09:27 PST


EverBGreen dice

Beautiful peacock display, precious circumstance of the book. When you first began explaining about whether you got the idea at a Christmas party, I expected a totally different answer! Thanks for sharing and your hard work and seeing through the computer problems! You've got my vote.

publicado 30 de oct. a las 11:15 PST


jazarkahr dice

Azaan Kamau does it again! What an amazing jaw-doping look into plantations and slavery's past!

publicado 28 de oct. a las 15:58 PST


thenxtlevel dice

Azaan takes us on a colorful journey, back in time to a historical plantation and it's roots. This book touched my soul like no other coffee table, picture book. The book is a collection of jaw-dropping and beautiful photos from a visit to a Charleston Plantation. The images and text are visually stunning as they are haunting.

publicado 12 de oct. a las 12:41 PST

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