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Images without a lens. Excursion in an old vision and new perspectives. Images are printed on premium paper and a brief history of each subject is listed in the final pages.
The cover pinhole appeared on the November 2009 Shutterbug Magazine cover.
This is intended as a collectible coffee table book for the discerning collector.


Acerca del autor

Old Loft Enterprises, LLC
HughSmith Oceanside, Ca.

Hugh Smith and Diana Hughes are the visionaries behind the commercial and photojournalism of JargonArt.
We shoot catalog, models, headshots, fashion and photojournalism.

Fecha de publicación  26 de septiembre de 2009

Dimensiones  Cuadrado grande  52 páginas Papel premium, acabado mate

Categoría  Arte y fotografía

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DAB4Y dice

Hugh, thank you for your kind comments about my book "PHOTO PAINTING" I love all of your books. I see you like the beauty of women an depict them with dignity and power, and you have inspired me to finely do a book on Italy.

publicado 06 de dic. a las 10:34 PST


janetgoldenb dice

Your technique is very interesting. To me your photos come across as soft paintings. I truly love your Cactus flower.
Please tell me what you think of mine: Feline Fractals Fantasy, A Cat Abroad on the Streets of Heidelberg and But I Thought I Was Mommy's Baby

publicado 08 de nov. a las 05:26 PST


HughSmith dice

Thank you for your comment. As a commercial photographer for the last 30+ years, using pinholes is a nice diversion. Your work with flowers is soothing and beautifully done.

publicado 28 de sep. a las 06:05 PST


cmladyone dice

Wonderful book! I used to use oatmeal boxes in graduate school. This kind of box is something I have never seen before! Good Luck with your book!

publicado 27 de sep. a las 16:12 PST

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