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The world's first B&W iPhone photo book is here. From start to finish, conceptual artist Andrew David Baron, takes us on a journey with his iPhone and its camera. The iPhone has become the default camera of convenience rather than of choice because of its accessibility.

Mr. Baron's photos show us that the nothingness of life's everyday journeys have beauty and purpose. The subjectivity of beauty and purpose has ultimately been left up to the viewer to decide.

According to Mr. Baron, "My Journeys, are nothing more than a visual collection of narrative wavelengths of vibrating light and sub-atomic particles that are encapsulated and bonded within my aesthetic construction of time, form, space, spirit and love."


Acerca del autor

Andrew David Baron
drewsalem NYC, NY USA

How am I not myself?

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drewsalem dice

Thanks Jim! It was a fun experience as well a spiritual journey to make this book.

publicado 05 de sep. a las 07:45 PST


Jimdimeo dice

I was wondering where that creative genius went after school. From what you showed me online and a personal review of your preview the images are awesome.

publicado 05 de sep. a las 07:38 PST


drewsalem dice

Thank you my love for believing in my abilities and ideas. You amaze me with your depth of compassion and love. This is the first of many, many, many, many works to come. Thank you for being there for me. I love you more than there are heavenly bodies in the sky.

publicado 30 de ago. a las 19:41 PST


mariposa76 dice

Baby, you're amazing! I'm so happy that you have decided to finally get your work published! I'm sure this will not be the only book you will create... I look forward to the future inspirations that will catch your eye. I'm so thrilled for you to be putting your talent out there! xoxo

publicado 30 de ago. a las 17:17 PST


drewsalem dice

Thanks for the thumbs up Brian! Wait till you see the book in its entirety. No one would ever believe that these images came from an iPhone. :)

publicado 30 de ago. a las 17:13 PST


FazeOne dice

Diggin the book brotha...Keepin up with life's visual snap shots are hard because of the hustel and bustel. You did a great job!

Brian B

publicado 30 de ago. a las 15:23 PST


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