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Honors at Arlington is a photo-documentary of an incredible 10 day journey on motorcycles across the United States; a massive undertaking to bury three forgotten war heros at Arlington National Cemetery. The remains of thousands of vets are sitting on the shelves of funeral homes across the country, often for years without the funds or the resources to pay them their due respect. Often they lie forgotten with no family left to claim them. The Missing in America Project finds these vets and seeks to honor them with the burials they deserve and escorts them to their final resting place with dignity.


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Larissa K Photography
larissakgb 7126 Dogwood Drive, Shingletown, CA 96088
Creative Photography: portraits, weddings, children and newborns, special events...

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Mala_RN dice

Eric & Larissa,

That was the most fulfilling and challenging escort that my husband (fiance' at the time) and I have ever done.

From the Nevada/Utah State Line through to Colorado was nothing less than emotional. But when the pouring rain came and wouldn't let up for both of those days and all I could see was the tail lights of the bikes in front of me and was I ESPECIALLY grateful I could see my husband's, I couldn't complain...our Heroes have seen worse than what we were riding through.

Yes, we were a little cold, we were a little wet; THEY HAD BEEN FORGOTTEN FOR DECADES.

Then being able to present the flag that was flown for Isaiah Mays to the Buffalo Soldiers in Colorado knowing it was going to accompany him the rest of the way Arlington was more than than I could handle.

Those are the memories that still bring a tear to my eye. Thank you for bringing them to print and sharing them with the rest of the world. MIAP and POW/MIA Awareness Organization needs to continue until they all come home.

Lynnette "Mala" Shimmin, RN/CMC
Michael "Mntsnow" Shimmin
POW/MIA Awareness Organization of Utah

publicado 06 de dic. a las 12:16 PST


jester67 dice

Larissa and Eric,
What a great book! You preserved the memory of the mission for all of us who had the honor of participating in it. We enjoyed meeting you. Keep up the good work!

Lynn & Carol Scott
aka "Jester & Little Red"
POW*MIA Elko Awareness Association

publicado 28 de sep. a las 20:24 PST


trscott61 dice

Larissa and Eric,
As just one rider and a very small part of this grand effort to escort these veterans, I want to thank you both for the outstanding book! I was fortunate to see the first draft and cannot wait until I have my own copy. I did not get to meet you but your presence and contribution to this project did not go unnoticed. Thank you for all you have done to support the MIAP and our veterans.

Todd Scott
aka "Tail Gunner"
Elko, NV POW*MIA Awareness Assn.

publicado 05 de sep. a las 08:40 PST


MikeSheran dice

From our hearts, I would like to thank both of you for your friendship on one of the most memorable journeys of our lives. AND for this documentary and the devotion you guys put into the development of the final product. We are all indebted to you for your unselfish act of kindness. Hope to see both of you in the future and you will be in our hearts forever. Thanks guys, we all love you.

Mike and Sheran
Just a rider and MAMADUCK

publicado 30 de ago. a las 08:01 PST


ducpho dice

Eric & Larissa,
There are not enough words to thank you both for this terrific book. I didn't even make it past the first 15 pages posted before I was wanting to see it all. Having reviewed the first draft and approving of all that you have accomplished, I hope that you have included the work you and Eric did as our "Combat Medics" for this trip. Your aid and assistance to 5 people in medical crisis was exemplary. I hope that you added that to the final copy. It is a wonderful photo documentary of a very moving and spiritual event for all of us that participated.

Fred "ducpho" Salanti
MIAP Founder and Executive Director

publicado 29 de ago. a las 20:27 PST

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