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International explorer and acclaimed philanthropist, Petey Pistolero, sails from Europe across the turbulent Strait of Gibraltar to the dark continent of Africa. Petey Pistolero undertakes a bizarre, swashbuckling, and harrowing journey from the savage port town of Tangier along the Barbary Coast to the magical ancient city of Marrakech.

Follow "The Boy God Whispers To" on his first North African adventure as he deftly combats the nonstop brutal barrages of seedy con artists, abusive hashish peddlers, volatile child criminals, slippery thieves, filthy beggars, and ruthless Islamic assassins.

Trekking through the desolute Sahara Desert with a Bedouin camel caravan, and the rugged Atlas Mountians in a rickety stolen train, Petey Pistolero, against all odds, arrives in Marrakech, where his gracious Berber hosts guide him through the striking, frenetic underbelly of medina society, comprised of snake charmers, trans-sexual storytellers, acrobats, sorcerers, puppeteers, and black market bandits, before finally settling down with the famed exotic belly-dancers of the Kasbahs, proving once again that the hardest roads ultimately offer the most pleasurable rewards.


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Petey Pistolero
ptpistolero The Streets.
A direct descendant of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, Petey Pistolero is without question the single most heralded, magical, and influential music maker of all-time. A winner of sixteen Grammy's, The Source magazine calls him, "The bridge between yesterday and tomorrow... the greatest living artist..." Rolling Stone has consistently named him in the top ten movers and shakers of the music industry. Maxim magazine, in a recent tribute edition, wrote, "Every man wants to be him, and every woman desires him." A comprehensive discography is available from the official Fanclub. Known as "The Boy God Whispers To," "The Last of His Kind," and as "Malak al-Maut" in the Muslim world, the noted lothario and bon vivant, Petey Pistolero has graced us with the grandest moments in film history as an accomplished actor, director, producer, writer, editor, cinematographer, animator, and composer. A comprehensive list of credits is available in a wonderful hardbound book from the official Fanclub.

Fecha de publicación  21 de agosto de 2009

Dimensiones  Apaisado estándar  90 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Viajes

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