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I was recently honored to have this book included in the Blurb book, "How To Make A Gorgeous Book." This book is an attempt to record a small portion of my father’s life and the events of an era that had a profound influence on the whole of his life. As a teenager, with answers to all of life’s questions, Dad dove head first into any adventure that dared challenge him. In his final years, answers turned into questions, most with no resolution this side of heaven.

Dad’s values were clearly evident to any who took the time to examine – a love of God, family and country. This book focuses on the third, a love of country, exemplified by his eight years of service in the United States Marine Corp.
At an early age I was aware of my father’s participation in WWII simply from the photos adorning the walls of our family den, proudly displaying the units and companies Dad served with. It was much later in life that stories behind the photos were shared. It was not so much that Dad didn’t want to talk about them; I was just late asking. More so in his later years, anyone desiring could get an earful of tales about South Pacific islands and Marine Corp exploits sprinkled with an occasional anecdote about growing up in small town Alabama.

The last few years of Dad’s life found the two of us, most every weekday afternoon, sitting on his back deck, drinking Buffalo Rock ginger ale, eating peanuts and talking about life. Usually his life. The longer we sat, the more questions I asked and the more Dad would reminisce of younger days. I finally recognized the value of these conversations and found myself hurrying home to write down details of the afternoon’s exchange. As months passed, most stories were shared multiple times, occasionally with new details stirred by questions I posed. Unfortunately, the years had erased all but the most memorable events. As I penned more and more of Dad’s story, I found myself looking deeper into the history surrounding his life and trying to fill in dates and events. This book is a combination of Dad’s back-deck ramblings and many hours of research into the history that shaped not only his life, but life as we know it.

In my study of Dad’s life, I’ve been blessed to find some of those answers he longed for.


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clyde adams • graphic artist
clydeadams Leeds, Alabama

with over 30 years of experience as a graphic artist, my work has covered the gamut; from logo design to annual report production and everything in between. over the years my clientele has varied; i've designed marketing material for hospitals, fund raising packages for charities, and technical publications for government agencies. my recent, somewhat accidental entry into the world of blurb has been an exciting sidebar in my career. my goal is to avoid the cookie-cutter approach to book design and provide clients with designs worthy of their photos and stories. i offer full book layout or just cover design. for more information visit my website or contact me at

Fecha de publicación  04 de agosto de 2009

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Categoría  Biografías y memorias

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moocurtis dice

What a beautiful way to honor your father, thank you for sharing this with the world

publicado 19 de mar. a las 06:23 PST


regi123 dice

I enjoyed looking at your beautiful book. I am a retired navy officer and I am busy to make a book of my years in the navy. Your book inspired me to do some things I didn't do it before. But there are some things which I cannot fullfill. I used photographs for the background of some pages, but they are to emphatic, so the attention goes rather to the background instead of the photos. I even don't find how you can put your photos slanting. I'll keep trying and when my book is finished I'll send you a badge.

publicado 04 de mar. a las 09:21 PST


jsapna dice

Recently, I helped my mother design/edit a book through Blurb about my grandmother and her life. I have no experience really with designing and bookmaking, so we did the best we could, and we're quite pleased. Searching through Blurb today, I saw the book "How To Make A Gorgeous Book" and previewed it. To make a long story short, I ended up at your book, and I just want to tell you that I think you did a beautiful job. It's obvious why your book was used as an example in the other one. Happy future bookmaking to you!

publicado 18 de feb. a las 12:09 PST


clydeadams dice

I was recently honored to have include this book of mine in their how-to book, "How To Make A Gorgeous Photo Book". Check it out (chapter four)...

publicado 07 de ene. a las 06:05 PST

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