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Forty days and forty nights was an inspired thought during a lunch meeting with Dr. Luke. During our conversation I expressed how important it was for me to not go to bed without learning something new for the day. If I couldn’t think of anything that I learned new, it wasn’t unusual for me to look-up a new word in the dictionary; I just couldn’t rest without learning something new.

I love what David Neenan once said: “Power doesn’t come from what we know—it comes from what we need to learn.” While Dr. Luke and I were talking, I mentioned that he helped me with the idea of creating a daily journal or inspirational thought and publish it into a book. We should learn something new about Christ or the bible daily for daily living and growth. Imagine learning 365 new things about the bible every year, multiplied by 10 years!

My daily personal insights are intended to share what I learned on my journey with the thought you might start your own “journal of journey”. Before starting, I asked God to inspire me everyday with a new thought, insight, or inspiration of what He wanted me to learn for the day. This is a forty day journal, but I intend to continue with my journal as long as possible, God willing.


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Ray Martinez
raymartinez Fort Collins, CO
Mr. Martinez is also a writer. He has published seven books. The latest are Baby Boy-R, Just Another Opinion, Growing Daily, From Darkness to Light--Mai Tran's Journey of Passion, and The Truth About Marijuana; America's Snake Oil . In addition, he wrote a weekly column, for nearly two years for the local newspaper that addressed a wide range of subjects. See his stories and bookstore at He is also a past radio show host-live Talk Radio Show on KFKA Radio, 1310 AM called Saturdays Opinion ( ) While Mr. Martinez has written about others, he is featured in a book about notable men in northern Colorado. In 2002 Arlene Ahlbrandt, an historical author who has written several books, published 101 Memorable Men of Northern Colorado, which Ray Martinez was recognized as one of those men. Ray is the past Mayor of Fort Collins, CO (Apr 99 - Apr 2005) and a retired Fort Collins, CO, Police Sergeant.

Fecha de publicación  21 de julio de 2009

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artlook dice

Very interesting, well designed book. Congratulations.

My name is Ron Naylor, I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, where I am an artist, art teacher, composer, and breeder of rhododendrons.

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Parry / Naylor ‘Jerusalem’ ‘I was Glad’, ‘Repton’
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My publication rate is one new book every month. Don’t be afraid to comment on anyone’s books as what you have to say is anonymous.

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publicado 27 de ene. a las 21:40 PST


RyanNYC dice

Randolph! You're a friggin book factory these days! Way to go, can't wait to read it...

publicado 22 de jul. a las 06:10 PST

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