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People can't buy...
What they don't know about

I want to make your work known about. I want to maximize your potential.

Exhibit your work in a high volume location/ event & increase awareness and sales.

All the while helping to raise awareness and appreciation of the Fine Art Nude photographic genre.

The book may cost $50 but it gives you, all on it's own, $150 off... along with discounts totaling about $450... taking your registration for participation from $695 down to $245!

Also, we want to ensure that any available channel for income and promotions are available to you so ... to start with, we want to help you get published. It's sort of subsidized, it's sort of sponsored. But, the end result is that your book will be published before Christmas of this year. We've got the connections, you've got the material. Let's put it together and get books on shelves for sale!

And to top it all off... we're going to exhibit your work to an approaching population. And that exhibit will be heavily promoted in many different, unique ways to make sure that the people who are interested in your work get to see it.

It all starts with purchasing this book. Where it will end, nobody knows. The West Coast region is just the beginning.


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West Coast Beacon
beacondeacon Vancouver BC Canada

The West Coast Beacon is here to promote everything there is to do on the West Coast... distractions, entertainment, dining, and more. There are tons of things to do... and we want to maximize the potentials for everyone... customer/ patron and business alike.

It's out objective to use every means necessary and available to us in order to promote the region. Check out our books to find out more of our intentions and objectives. Each book covers a different consideration- where do you fit in? If we've missed you, let us know and we'll see how we can help you out and, together, we will grow.

Connecting interested customers with eager companies.

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