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And the drawing-a-day project continues with volume two!

ALLTAGLICH means 'everyday' in German and came to represent two aspects of this project:

1. literally producing a drawing or painting everyday, and,
2. my subject matter is very much "everyday" objects.

This began as pure spousal support when my husband joined National Novel Writing Month attempting to write 50,000 words in November of 2006. I agreed to a "daily" project of my own and ALLTAGLICH was born.

I love showing people unexpected points of view & details in items they may take for granted. I hope you enjoy this little book and I hope you'll find it inspiring. Everyone can do a project like this.

xoxo Megan
**The first 30 purchasers need only to send me their address and I will send them a signed bookplate to stick inside their copy!**


Acerca del autor

Megan Foldenauer
redmeg8 Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA
I'm a biomedical illustrator by trade with a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins. I'm very active in that field, but increasingly find myself dabbling in my "fine art" (which looks as realistic as my illustration work most of the time, honestly). I'm also in pursuit of my PhD in Anatomy. I've joined this site thinking I might publish some small anthologies of my side projects. It's now five books and counting, and I couldn't be happier! I'm an big fan of Diet Coke, black liquorice, horses, music, the UK, the Chicago Cubs, Eddie Izzard, and genealogy. Drawing-A-Day project website:

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