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Thomas Brandenburg

Dimensiones  Apaisado grande  120 páginas Papel premium, acabado mate

Categoría  Arte y fotografía

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fberroteran dice

Brilliant, powerful book!

publicado 31 de mar. a las 23:45 PST


CouCou33 dice

This is a beautiful books. The pictures are amazing and the layout is really sleek. Congrats on the prize ! well deserved !
Could you please tell me, how did the spread go in the printed copy ? I'm creating a book on Japan and am doing a lot of spreads, just as in your book... but I'm woried about how it's going to look like...
Anyway, wonderful book ! :-)

publicado 14 de oct. a las 11:34 PST


coastalzen dice

I was shooting in India in the 1970's and was recently lamenting that the global economy had diluted the crazy and fabulously colorful India. Then I open this brilliant book, and my faith was restored. India lives!! Let's hope it stays that way. Congratulations on some amazing photography.

publicado 22 de sep. a las 20:00 PST


Mikulik dice

Very emotionally powerful photography capturing an essence that is hard to get for the average person. You should have won for this one!!!

publicado 18 de sep. a las 08:00 PST


adunn dice

Incredible book. National Geographic quality photography.

publicado 03 de sep. a las 22:47 PST


scottland dice

You got my vote ! Great book....

publicado 14 de ago. a las 15:59 PST

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