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America loves her dogs. From Lassie through Beethoven, dogs have had an on going significance in American culture. Sparky, short for Sparkler, was a Yankee doodle dandy actually born on the Fourth of July. During the last ten years of his life he was photographed in all 48 contiguous states. A tiny portion of those images have been worked into this book. I like to combine my illustrations with photography. By listening and responding to conversations I had with Sparky I would valiantly capture Sparky's point of view, its all about doggy love!


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Clare Frigo
frigoclare Mesa, Arizona

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RosanneB dice

If you love dogs..and who doesn''ll love this book. Travel across the country with Sparky and Clare. Clare's original artwork enhances the unique photos in this entertaining saga. It is bow-WOW!

publicado 13 de sep. a las 17:26 PST


frigoclare dice

I would so recommend this to all of my doggy friends! It's such a great book protraying the events of a dog as he travels throughout the United States.

publicado 12 de sep. a las 20:08 PST


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