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Brian Rose
brosenyc New York, NY

Brian Rose is a photographer based in New York City. He graduated from Cooper Union in 1979, and shortly afterwards began photographing the Lower East Side of Manhattan. In 1985 he began photographing the former Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall. That work has been published as the "Lost Border, The Landscape of the Iron Curtain."

For 15 years, Rose lived in Amsterdam in the Netherlands where he photographed the periphery of the city and documented the neighborhood Mercatorplein with its Amsterdam School architecture and changing ethnic population. The latter was published as "Mercatorplein: Image of a World in Amsterdam."

Rose has continued to photograph Berlin with a focus on the former border zone, and his Blurb book "Berlin: In From the Cold" received an honorable mention in the Photography Book Now competition in 2009. His photographs have been collected by the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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street_light dice

Great book. I already have a copy of Lost Border (which is a marvellous idea skillfully executed) and this is an excellent companion. If you like this, you have to get a copy, if you can find one.

publicado 26 de ago. a las 04:19 PST


scottland dice

F...... Great book... I was there in the winter 80 and it was an experience...stupid bloody wall.....! fantastic book...a photographic record of how ridiculous politics can be...

publicado 15 de ago. a las 18:45 PST


brosenyc dice

Thanks very much.


publicado 19 de jul. a las 10:32 PST


gidjetluv dice

I really like the empty feel of your photos. It's sparce but there's hope too. I love looking through other people's eyes. You're able to capture things on an emotional level with out having to do black and white. Great job.

publicado 18 de jul. a las 11:49 PST

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