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South Korea is a country often described by its contrasts, embodied most clearly by the sharp polarizations in its demographics. South Korea stands on the verge of determining its future direction, looking to choose what to borrow from the past and how to innovate towards its destiny. Modern and traditional elements compete and intertwine throughout the nation. Within the pages of this volume is a visual exploration through the social and historical landscape of South Korea. The dualities in the Korean social structure become core features of more than the demographics and express themselves in often unexpected ways. The raw materials, both novel and preserved, from which the country's future identity can be built are found within.


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Andrew Martinez
asmartinez Sacramento, CA
Andrew is a professional in the air quality and alternative energy industry, holding a doctorate in mechanical engineering with a specialization in fuel cells. Outside of his professional life, Andrew has a strong interest in nature and landscape photography and enjoys taking any spare opportunity to bring his camera out into the world and document its natural beauty.

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