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The pictures of Zoltán Vancsó should not be written about, thought about, or associated with anything. These photographs are meditative objects. Let us stop and look at them. And let us allow the pictures to look at us. Incessantly, silently, peacefully. Let us not step into the pictures; we would only disturb their silence. Rather, let us allow their photographed quiet and calmness to affect us.

After a while our tormented minds will become tranquil; we will realize that we needn't rush, we needn’t act in flourish, think in panic, plan things out, achieve, pursue, fear, or feel anxiety. They create peace within our hearts.

Lao-tse claims that Tao cannot be said with words. But it seems as though it was possible to photograph it. Let us meditate on Zoltán’s photos, and we will soon realize that we have found our way home.
(Péter Müller)

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Vancsó Zoltán képeiről nem szabad sem írni, sem gondolni, sem asszociálni semmit.
Ezek a képek meditációs objektumok. Álljunk meg előttük s nézzük őket. S hagyjuk, hogy a képek nézzenek bennünket. Hosszan, némán, nyugodtan. Ne lépjünk a képekbe, mert csak összezavarjuk csendjüket. Inkább hagyjuk, hogy hasson ránk a lefényképezett csendjük és nyugalmuk.

Egy idő után zaklatott elménk megnyugszik; rájövünk, hogy nem kell sietni, nem kell kapkodni, pánikszerűen gondolkodni, fogalmazni, teljesíteni, törekedni, félni, szorongani. Békét teremtenek a szívünkben.

A Tao-t - így szól Lao-ce - nem lehet szavakkal kimondani. Úgy látszik azonban, hogy le lehet fotózni. Meditáljunk Zoltán képein s egy idő után azt tapasztaljuk majd, hogy hazatalálunk.
(Müller Péter)


Acerca del autor

Zoltan Vancso
vancso Budapest, Hungary

Regarding his professional career, two personalities of a photographer have come to life in him. One tries to reflect reality as clearly and comprehensibly as possible. The other one, in contrast, acts in the opposite way; it takes pleasure in discovering the improbability of reality, and funny enough, it conveys this experience with an objective tool – with photography. His works of art are related to the classic trends of photography. His photos encourage reflection, and they raise innocent and meaningless situations of reality to the heights of extraordinary and mystic dimensions.

He has held nearly 40 exhibitions in Budapest, he regularly publishes albums, and his professional and lay audience is constantly expanding. His photo movie Oceans of Sigh – Cuba was shown in Budapest cinemas with great success as a short movie to accompany Wim Wenders‘ film. He has received several professional rewards. In 2004, he had an exhibition with William Klein in Budapest.

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paultreacy dice

I will afford myself the pleasure of adding this book to my collection very soon. A fine achievement.

publicado 10 de nov. a las 01:37 PST


PestiFeri dice

Zoltán was my teacher in one of phoo scool. He's great photos and his books are most beautifull on the world! I offer it verybody!

publicado 03 de nov. a las 09:49 PST


gowinshin dice

Wow! A selection of wonderful photographs. My favourit three are : table on the balcny : boxer in the shop window : and the gem for me is your front cover image which I would purchase in a nanno second! You certainly get my VOTE!

publicado 01 de nov. a las 04:49 PST


phoshus dice

I see more of Vancso the photographer than Vansco's photographs in this book. This very individual evolving spirit will be a pleasure to witness over the coming years. Well done. All the best for a wonderful future of imagination and imagery. Joe Geoghegan.

publicado 13 de ago. a las 08:19 PST


poptophorror dice

Following in the tradition of Koudelka, Salgado snd Trent Parke, Vancso's old-school style of B&W photos bridge the gap between fine art and documentary. Some people think that this style of photography has had it's day, but traditions are born of quality, style and a vision, things that Vancso seems to have a firm grip on. Lots of good photography here, some are exceptional. Randy Kuhn

publicado 19 de jul. a las 14:31 PST

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