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Natural Raw represents a vision of nature that includes its raw forms and expressions as well as the occasional crude, human contribution. Some of these are dramatic and can even be cruel and violent, and yet, others express a peaceful beauty like no other.

This book attempts to express this raw vision, both through its impactful images and through its accompanying written expressions which poetically transport the reader into nature's world. It attempts to evoke unexpected feelings and thoughts in the viewer, both contrary and predictable. It is Franco's hope that you will enjoy his varying visions – the ethereal brightness, the daze-inducing, happy and flowery views, the dark void within his visions of smoke, the raw crudeness of consumption, and the dreamy nature of colorblind – and feel enthralled by the journey through them.

Enjoy! :)


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Franco Esteve
bfranco Nowhere, Everywhere, Earth

Born in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, Franco Esteve is as varied as they come. His multicultural upbringing throughout the United States and Europe led to his adoption of the concept of everywhere and nowhere for his views of life, origin, and culture. The same has applied to his professional life as well, covering a multitude of disciplines, feeding his thirst for knowledge and expression.

Photography has been a stalwart passion throughout his life, and you can often see him walking around town with camera in hand, capturing his particular view of living through the lens.

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bfranco dice

Thank you so much. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, and I agree that it's better in its huge, 12X12 printed, physical form. :) Thanks again.

publicado 17 de ago. a las 17:42 PST


ingridsaura dice

The owl is amazing!!! The book is incredible. The preview was awesome, but the physical book itself is simply spectacular! Excellent job. I´ll be looking for this photographer´s work in the future. Great!

publicado 11 de ago. a las 13:06 PST


bfranco dice

Gracias! Gracias! Gracias! Me da mucha alegría que cause tanto impacto y guste tanto. Gracias! Gracias! Gracias! :)

publicado 02 de ago. a las 04:40 PST


marudo dice

me he quedado sin palabras para describir tanta belleza. !majestusoamente impresionante! magnífico! enhorabuena. MARU

publicado 02 de ago. a las 04:25 PST


bfranco dice

Thank you so much!!!!! I'm really happy you've enjoyed it!!! :)

publicado 01 de ago. a las 18:14 PST


Fenbubi dice

Excellent photography! Very interesting subjects. Beautiful pictures!
Congratulations on a serious book!

publicado 01 de ago. a las 14:24 PST


bfranco dice

Thank you! Thank you! Las camaras son varias. Si, al suscribirte es automatico. Gracias Gracias. :)

publicado 29 de jul. a las 09:07 PST


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