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Pose (Ugandan Images) is a project on portrait photography in Uganda. In this country not everyone can afford to escape daily life through travel or vacation. Many people can afford to have their portrait taken once a year though. The photostudio’s create an escape option.
Not only the studio’s were photographed, but also the resulting portraits in the albums and on the walls of the home of the customers.


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andrea stultiens
andrea1207 Rotterdam, the Netherlands
My work always starts with a story or found documents and photographs, something ‘real’. I gues this makes it documentary photography, but not necesarrily in the traditional sence of the word. I show the everyday of ordinary people, and the way photographs give us an opportunity to relate to, deal with, and escape it. I try to question the photographic way of representing a reality in different ways. For example in panoramic photographs or the use of vernacular images in combination with photographs and/or with text. See my website for more information and an up to date c.v.

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waynoman dice

congrats on your win!

publicado 11 de sep. a las 09:57 PST


dbaldwin2 dice

I saw this book when it went up and found it rich with subtext and very interesting. Very thought provoking and honest. Congratulations

publicado 10 de sep. a las 16:02 PST

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