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"Don't Stare at Your Food or It Might Stare Back at You!"

I love photos, I love food, and I can hardly say I take life too seriously. Thus, this book is a true reflection of my passions in life. It is meant for you, that for a reason or another, might not be having a good day, a good year, or even a good life...It is my hope that when you view these pages something would have made you laugh or smile. If so, then my mission is accomplished.

Author/Photographer/Artist: Vanessa Dualib


Acerca del autor

Vanessa Dualib
Rerinha São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil.
Daydreamer, pseudo-photographer, wanna-be astronaut and untrained intellectual who tends to find inspiration specially in fruits and veggies. I value intelligence - a lot - but I value humor even more. People who do take themselves and their world too seriously make me feel all smarmy inside. I don't like that. And so, because of that I will happily disagree with myself, invalidate my own point, contradict what I just said or typed and allow to embarrass myself in many different ways if that can possibly lead to a humorous thought , a laugh or just a quirky turn of phrase. So really... don't mind me.

Comentarios (3)


MisterHappy1 dice

very very creative . great imagination! please view my photo book.....Meet Mr Happy. a fun book for girls ! comments?? thanks! Happy Girl :)

publicado 11 de abr. a las 08:52 PST


globalism dice

Highly imaginative book Vanessa - loved it!

publicado 29 de oct. a las 05:41 PST


fowziya dice

I always love your work and you deserve it dear .

Little Nora

publicado 10 de ago. a las 14:46 PST


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