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A book of comfort food recipes is used to organize childhood memories. Sure, each recipe can easily be found through other sources but the memories associated with each by the author from about 1957 to 1967 are personal and unique. Key messages are that: (1) no other food in our lives compares to the joy of childhood comfort food; and (2) preparation and sharing are critical to fully experience food; and (3) natural local foods are better for you and the environment. The book may be too personal for some, and the photos are old and faded, but the messages are timely. Good health requires more nourishment than food alone can provide.


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Frank Priznar
FJP Laytonsville, MD 20882
Living in the same house with the same spouse snce 1987.

Fecha de publicación  09 de julio de 2009

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IMSure dice

Though it contains food recipes, "Tastes Better Than it Looks" is not really a cookbook. Instead, it is collection of the author's childhood memories associated with food as well as other home based smells and odors. Anyone reading this would have to agree that the recorded experiences were not mainstream America. Who ever heard of a wall of fish heads for example? I found the passages compelling and memorable. It made me want to record some of my own experiences that made my appreciation for food unique. Perhaps this is why the author allowed a few pages for notes at he end of the book - that was smart. Here is what makes the book a winner - it makes you feel connected to the earth and to others through the common need for nourishment, not just food. I think a good number of people will find this book interesting on its own for entertainment. Some parts are funny such as the red wagon full of manure. But a larger number of readers who reflect on their lives will be interested because of the insight gained into a fellow soul.

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