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...Just when you think you’ve forgotten the very concept of standing on stationary ground, icebergs the size of football fields rise from the horizon, signaling your arrival at the White Continent. Frankly, this nickname is a bit of a misnomer, for Antarctica has a stunning palette of ethereal colours. The icebergs are a wild riot of electric blue; the towering glaciers hide shades of sapphire and cerulean within their cracks; the snowy hills are tinged with salmon-pink guano, patches of bare cliff are painted with bright orange lichen and green moss, and the Lemaire Channel is so dark it is as if we are navigating through liquid coal...

Explore Antarctica as she takes you on a photographic journey to the last frontier on Earth.


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Jane Peng
Since being unceremoniously flung to Scotland at age five, Jane Peng has developed a difficulty staying in any country for long. Embracing the vagrant lifestyle to a fault, she alternately called Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Beijing, Guangzhou, and New York home. After visiting Antarctica, her seventh continent, in the winter of 2009, Jane now seeks to share the beauty of the continent with the world. Whenever time permits, she still likes to sit down in a random corner of the planet to hear the stories the world has to share.

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