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Become a rocket scientist in just 3 days! Control space and time and learn the secret to traveling through worm holes. (at least the ones in Einstein's Mind). Visit the ELSEWHERE and discover stuff you didn't know you knew!

Take an imaginative adventure through time and space - whatever that means. And to the far ends of the galaxy, arriving at a most peculiar place called Ferndale, a town that time forgot, somewhere in a parallel universe.
In this whacky adventure story the reader learns the importance of IMAGINATION while exploring the world of science.

This book encourages kids to make 'Quantum Leaps' when thinking about the duality of particles and waves and how the quarks really feel before morning coffee.
How can anyone understand the complicated world of physics? Guess what? You're already IN the Universe. So, all you need to do is FEEL the knowledge you have inside.

Dr. Spock says; "The secrets of the quantum world we live in are in your hands. - Provided of course you are holding this book"!
Dolly Llama says, "Listen to your inner Quark."

Buy it now and Release THE GENIUS JUICE in your brain!

"There are only two things that are infinite. The universe, and man's stupidity, and I'm not sure about the Universe!" -Albert Einstein


Acerca del autor

Quantum Fun Media

Digital Art ~ Analog Heart
Besides just wandering on this amazing globe with my camera, I lead Travel Photography Journeys Near & Far ...including in my own amazing back yard; San Francisco!
My students learn to see and capture with their hearts and create their own Travel Journals and Documentaries. Or just amaze their moms and friends. Photography in all its forms inspires and fascinates me.

I shoot in a variety of styles but prefer a candid documentary approach. I look for ways to engage my heart as I capture moments that resonate within. I search with appreciation for the miracles of life and the magic of light. So, I see angels everywhere.
I am nearing completion of Quantum Fun Book ll - a more in depth look at 'Physics for Kids'. Travel Images from my Photo Trips ~ film new Media work ~ UFO Hunters / Alien Discovery

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Patrick54 dice

This is one of my Grand daughters' most read book. She really likes the pictures. Lots of fun!

publicado 03 de ago. a las 18:07 PST


jennnn dice

When art and science meet, both are super charged. The explosion is so positive and a very fun ride.

publicado 26 de jul. a las 21:48 PST


TanaD dice

Well let me say that if you have not read this book, nor shared it with your children or grandchildren; you are short changing them and yourself. Remember when we went through school and history and science was SOOOOO boring? Dates and things but no substance?
Well, what a great way to cover the bases. Thank you Mr. Lee.

publicado 26 de jul. a las 19:59 PST


marissaaroy dice

What's great about this book is that it makes it smart fun! Love it!

publicado 26 de jul. a las 17:11 PST


morgankara dice

Could have been written by Einstein himself! Lots of fun. My kids love it.
NYC mom

publicado 26 de jul. a las 15:30 PST


Mildon dice

What surprised me is this book creates the nexus between real science and complex theory with puffy, sweet, gentle humorous fun. One of those treasures that offers something for adults while sharing with kids. A true gem.

publicado 26 de jul. a las 10:21 PST


eyes4hire dice

Absolutely Fun from cover to cover! Guaranteed to enrich the mind, and tickle the funny-bone!

publicado 26 de jul. a las 01:05 PST

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