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The project for this book started when I read an interview that the famous French photographer Raymond Depardon gave to "Reponses Photo" magazine.

When R.Depardon was in New York in the early '80s with his girlfriend he wandered and photographed the streets of the city. Because at the time he was too shy to photograph directly the people, as he was walking on the street he he held his camera at the height of his chest and triggered the shutter.

He used a Leica M6 with the 21mm f3.5 lens loaded with Kodak TRI-X pushed to 800 ASA in order to achieve a shutter speed at least 1/500 sec to freeze the human movement.

I felt really inspired from this idea and decided to do the same in my city here in Athens.
Of course I don't have any illusions,Athens is not New York and I'm not R.Depardon,but I think the results are interesting,at least.


Acerca del autor

Kiriakos Korakis
korax67 Athens,Greece

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sambro01 dice

Excellent work, very good pictures !
Greetings !

publicado 26 de jul. a las 03:31 PST


grammatix dice

yassu kiriakos
well done, some pics are excellent!
keep me informed about your next project!

publicado 07 de oct. a las 11:39 PST


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