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This book is a glimpse into my world and an attempt to capture it, a culmination of my work to date. Throughout the 350 pages I have created a visual journey using traditional photographic methods mixed with writings, photocopies, video stills and found objects. The book moves like a poem created with my unique form of story telling. Perhaps “i sell fish.” is a re-creation of a moment from a crazed dream?


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Joshua Deaner
joshuadeaner Providence, Rhode Island

Joshua Deaner (b. 1976 Boston, MA) is an artist whose work is photographically based. He makes compositions, sometimes incorporating text, which are more fine art “stories” than traditional photographic prints. Deaner’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums and is included in several private collections.

Deaner graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology where he received his Associates Degree of Applied Arts and Sciences. The Boston Globe said of one of the exhibitions, “Deaner’s subject matter isn’t the world, but the stray, spiraling paths he wanders as he watches the world.”

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sophiesch dice

Amazing book Joshua. I really love it!
Also love the font chosen! What the name of this font?

publicado 03 de may. a las 11:59 PST


brynnunger dice

i really like how the title/title page look like you hand wrote it. how did you do that?? your book is beautiful, by the way. :]

publicado 17 de oct. a las 17:30 PST


waynoman dice

thanks brother! pleasure meeting you.

publicado 24 de sep. a las 22:27 PST


marktweedie dice

This is a truly amazing, surprising and compelling book. A worthy winner!

publicado 24 de sep. a las 13:06 PST


gigitez10 dice

Congratulations on your win! You book is a very personal journey and I am happy you chose to share it with us.

publicado 20 de sep. a las 08:08 PST


alex66 dice

Hi Joshua, your book is veeeeeeeeery very good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats. I like it very very much !!!

publicado 19 de sep. a las 03:24 PST


ConstantineG dice

Congrats. Love the polaroids.

publicado 15 de sep. a las 17:21 PST

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