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This 40-page book has 41 humorous colored composite pictures (including front and back covers). All of them were created by using Adobe Photoshop to combine images from different sources into composite pictures. Events being described in pictures and captions do not really happen in the way as shown. Please relax and enjoy. You will find many familiar pictures – space shuttles, war planes, ships, aircraft carriers, tanks, little toy ducks – with humorous messages.
This book is designed, created and written by Luming Marr and is published by in May 2009. To order, please go to and search for “Luming Marr” to order this book – “Composite Greeting Cards: Military and Space Shuttle.” Thank you!
A personal note: I ordered this composite picture book from by using my own credit card, the book was delivered to my doorstep by UPS around six days from the date I put the order. The packaging is really good, the quality of the book and the color of all the pictures is just great, in my opinion, it is even better than “bookstore” quality.


Acerca del autor

Luming Marr
Create168 Alhambra, California, U.S.A.

I like to make composite pictures. When I took a photography course in college many years ago, I submitted a composite pictures album as my portfolio and the instructor and my classmates all liked those pictures. There was no PC or Photoshop at that time, so I needed to collect old magazines and cut the images out then manually pasted them together into composite pictures on a piece of paper before I photographed the final work to get the color prints. I am glad that we do have PC's, digital cameras and software tools plus tons of public domain pictures on the internet now to create composite pictures much more easily. It is great fun doing it and I hope you enjoy these composite pictures.

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