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I think everyone has lost something, at least once in their life. But how do we endure the bitterness of loss?

Since I was child, I survived by creating my own imaginary world. Drawing and writing helped me to escape tragedy. It didn’t solve problems,
but at least I could feel some release and move on.

Several years ago, I chose to move to a New World.
It was a major decision, a life change.
Just like a baby, I've absorbed so many new things,
but it's difficult to express myself freely with words.
(they sometimes seem like sounds without meaning)
Social interaction is frustrating also.
(I begin to feel invisible, and wonder if I even exist)
I’ve been losing myself,
but I must persevere...

Please find your own story in Lost One, as I have.
When the door appears, open it and go!

~ Toko


Acerca del autor

Toko Shiiki
Toko Michigan, USA

I was born and raised in Japan (most of my life, I satyed in Tokyo.)

Before coming to America, I was an actress in Tokyo. But, after 10 years in the field, I am now pursuing other forms of expression.

Having been a model for several professional photographers, I developed a strong interest in working on the other side of lens. Now I am studying photography at an American college, and it is quickly becoming my main expressive outlet.

I find photography to be a most effective way to express my view of the world (inside and outside.) No matter what my subject is, I want to create images that tell a story. But it is my hope that every time people see my photographs, they will feel encouraged to interpret the images in their own way.

Art is my life power, and I am still finding ways to let it speak through me.

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Toko dice

Thank you so much!!!!! OH!! Great!! I'm so glad to hear that!
I'd love to talk with the kids about the book!!!! Thank you again!!!!

publicado 13 de ago. a las 22:03 PST


nelumbolutea dice

of course I voted for it, and I showed and told my copy to the kids here. They all LOVED it, had many questions and comments, it was quite cool, can't wait to show Gabe ;)

publicado 04 de ago. a las 16:34 PST


Toko dice

Oh! Daniel!!!! Thank you so much... I am so glad to create this book because you could find me! Thank you!!!! Keep in touch!!!

publicado 26 de jul. a las 15:56 PST


dnurgitz dice


This looks like a terrific book! I love your photos! Keep up the amazing work!

publicado 26 de jul. a las 08:57 PST


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