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What is Blue?

Blue is a colour, or pigment. Blue is complex, because there is not just one blue. There is an abundance of distinct tints of blue, each carrying a separate name. Many of these shades of blue are used as metaphors. The remarkable thing is that they may symbolize very dissimilar concepts or feelings.

Blue inspired me to capture as many distinguising shades of that heavenly colour as I could find. It has been a challenging project, and it is far from completion. In the end I chose strong positive images and metaphors for this little book, leaving the study of opposing, often less pretty, symbols for another book.


Acerca del autor

Gerry Bates
EchoPrints Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
I have a passion for painting and photography. There is beauty everywhere. Infinite opportunities exist to put images on canvas or film. In education, photography is also a way of documenting the learning that takes place inside and outside the classroom. Documenting the changes in nature, in rural and urban landscapes, and in the environment in general, I consider as essential as photograpy as an Art form.

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