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This is the story of a Mother Grizzly that started out the spring with 2 cubs but ended up raising 4 cubs through the summer and into the fall. Truely a very unique story about a very special mother. (includes a pictorial guide to finding the different grizzlies in Yellowstone National Park, recognition points on the way brown-Black Bears differ from Grizzlies along with 10 ways not to end up on the menu in the Rocky Mountain food chain.


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Fecha de publicación  01 de mayo de 2009

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Categoría  Educación

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Moosewhisper dice

Thanks so much everyone for the nice comments, and yes this book is a smaller project that took a couple years to compile. Learning the habits of animals is very time consuming but extreamly rewarding. They really are quite human.

publicado 08 de nov. a las 19:03 PST


EverBGreen dice

"The Yellowstone grizzly bear is an irreplaceable part of America's natural heritage, an icon of all that is wild and free."

~ Carl Pope

publicado 08 de nov. a las 15:51 PST


jsternenberg dice

Very well done. Commenting as a fellow nature photographer, the amount of time and patience required to photograph wildlife is herendous. Not to mention the fact that you were following one subject over the course of time which complicates things. Just locating your subject, an animal that travels across many square miles of country every day, must have been quite a phisical trial.

publicado 08 de nov. a las 07:13 PST


huntsman-m dice

Beautiful pictures! Good've got my vote. If you've got time, please take a look at my book in the Family category. Good luck again!

publicado 03 de nov. a las 19:13 PST


lincolntexas dice

This makes me want to go back and spend a whole summer in Yellowstone. You have my vote.

If you have a moment please see my book in the Pets category.

publicado 01 de nov. a las 09:22 PST


isabelle001 dice

I visited yellowstone with the kids this summer. What a great idea the kids would have love to have a book to record all the animals they saw! And we did see a bear! you have my vote! If you have a minute please vote for my book Woman in the family category .

publicado 29 de oct. a las 16:41 PST


AdoptionLove dice

I just voted for your book. The teacher in me really likes this book! Good luck with your writing.

Check out my book "Rebecca, Romeo, and Francis"

publicado 27 de oct. a las 13:54 PST


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