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This is a limited edition art book created around 52 multimedia expressions combining photographic images and original poems. It is the first of a series of art books exploring the interaction of image and word. The artworks in this book took over 400 hours to create.

Many of the short form poems in this volume have been distilled from longer poems whose writing spans 30 years. They have been chosen for their potential alchemy with an image.

Each image is similarly chosen from the author's library of over 20,000 images of which 12,000 are digital. Many were gathered on extensive international travels.

Neither image nor word leads in these pages. Each is in mutual, intimate relationship with the other. Each marriage of words and image is intended to uphold the autonomy of each as well as the relatedness of each to the other. Each pair holds its own tension--sometimes synergistic, sometimes ironic, sometimes paradoxical.

Dr. Jill Mellick is a Jungian oriented psychologist who has been in private practice in Palo Alto, California, for over twenty years. An Australian by birth and upbringing, she has lived in California since 1975.

She is the author and co-author of many books including The Worlds of P'otsunu (with Jeanne Shutes); The Natural Artistry of Dreams; The Art of Dreaming; and Coming Home to Myself (with Marion Woodman). She is a contributing author to many other books.

Also a painter and photographer, she has held one-person shows and participated in group exhibits. Her paintings and photography are in private collections internationally. Her poetry has been published in literary journals in the United States and Australia. .


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ljmellick Palo Alto, CA 94303

Jungian psychotherapy
Author and multimedia artist. Publications include The Art of Dreaming, The Natural Artistry of Dreams, Coming Home to Myself (with Marion Woodman), and The Worlds of P'otsunu (with Jeanne Shutes)

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