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4x2 is a four season chronicle filled with beautiful images of simple moments in everyday life, captured through the lenses of two friends, gigi leonard and sandra soss (found here:

each photograph compliments its counterpart, sometimes more noticeably, sometimes more discreetly. we invite you to take a peek inside and see the differences for yourself, as we glide (and guide you) through a single year in brilliant, full color splendor.


Acerca del autor

Gigi Leonard and Sandra Soss
gigileonard Chicago, IL USA
Gigi Leonard is a native Midwesterner and Chicago-based self-taught photographer. She has had a latent passion for photography since she was a child, but only recently has taken the steps to express herself creatively, and to the public, through her digital imagery. Gigi regularly traverses city streets and country roads searching for the poetry that is everywhere around us, and striving to visually capture the challenge of finding hidden allure and movement in our everyday lives. When she isn’t behind the lens, Gigi curates an eclectic blend of art and design finds on her blog, You can view what images she currently has for sale at Sandra Soss has a compulsion to document what she notices all around her in her everyday life. she likes the way the world looks thru a camera lens or 2. when her camera is down she writes, cooks, cuts up paper and putters around at home making things pretty and more efficient. then she takes pictures of it all.

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