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A thesis design book that focuses on memory loss and the journey one might face.


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Lesley Graham
orangefaygo Birmingham, Alabama, United States
I am currently the Design Director at a benefits enrollment firm, but also own a wedding and portrait photography studio. I love telling a story through visuals, which is why I use Blurb so much! Email me with any questions regarding my books: Check out the video blurb did on my book, "Remember Me"

Fecha de publicación  02 de abril de 2009

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Categoría  Arte y fotografía

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Comentarios (29)


oliversebis dice

Wow Lesley, words cannot express my fascination with your book, so simple so hand made, so full of love, a life is worth living if someone can make a book about oneself like the one made. Simply divine!!!

publicado 04 de may. a las 12:54 PST


rightersbloc dice

I just can't get over how amazing this is! Everyday I look at it and I'm amazed! You're one of the best artists I have ever seen. To put your art in a book like this and capture the life of someone is just pure talent and imagination!

publicado 19 de sep. a las 19:06 PST


rightersbloc dice

This book is just beautiful. I was so inspired just looking through the pages and feeling so much emotion. You have to feel proud of yourself for making such a gem. Your grandfather was very lucky to have you. Thank you for writing this!

publicado 18 de sep. a las 18:38 PST


Myree dice

Hello Lesley Thank you for sharing your Grandfathers life with us , your book is truely amazing and very moving. Your creativity is exceptional. You have inspired me to capture my family through artistic expression.

publicado 24 de abr. a las 23:38 PST


Will42 dice

Lesley, this is a wonderful memory!

publicado 31 de oct. a las 12:33 PST


jrosen416 dice

This is a beautiful book. I've just started the journey of heritage books for my family and I know there is a lot of work ahead. Seeing your book has inspired me.

publicado 24 de oct. a las 13:22 PST


jerimcdonald dice

Dear Lesley,

As I was trying to motivate myself to do something important with my graphic design talents of many years, I saw your book. It was the exact motivation I needed to get started making photo books I have been planning to do for a couple years now with the boxes and boxes of family photos. I've procrastinated over the daunting task of getting them scanned in, edited in Photoshop and into some sense of order. This is the push I needed. Thanks so much for inspiring me and touching me deeply.

publicado 22 de sep. a las 15:18 PST

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