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Through her compelling poetry and self-portraiture, artographer Jaeda DeWalt, invites you to share the bittersweet shades of her soul.

Jaeda takes you on an enigmatic journey, as she gracefully bares her body and unravels her soul.

Her haunting poetry whispers from the blackness . . . every turn of the page, offering another facet - of this complicated woman.

To partake of this book is to intimately experience Jaeda DeWalt . . . her spirituality, sexuality, pain and triumphs.

ISBN: 978-1-4276-3946-2
book includes 22 full-bleed images & 11 poems

***this book contains artistic nudity***

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Acerca del autor

Jaeda DeWalt
Jaeda-DeWalt Seattle, Washinton, USA
I am a self-taught taught artist that discovered my passion for photography, back in 1995, while writing my first book, "Haunting Hands". A book initially intended to be a collection of poems i had written about surviving a difficult childhood. I decided it would feel more personal if i created the cover for the book myself. Shortly thereafter, i purchased a camera and turned my living room into a makeshift studio. I did a series of self-portraits and then another and another. The process of creating and putting myself in front of the camera felt cathartic, liberating and healing. My book transformed into a, survivor-orientated, photographic essay and that started me down the path to becoming a photographic artist. I have produced cover art for books, playbills, collective fine art books and have had several exhibits of my work in New York, including the Hofstra Museum. Learn more about my creative process via the Q & A page:

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As a self-portrait photographer, you have the advantage of always having a beautiful cooperative "muse" available whenever you get the creative urge. Lovely and haunting book, I just discovered you on I'd love to hear any comments you may have on my work, here and there too.

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