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84 Pages, 73 images on Premium Paper.
ISBN 978-0-615-28653-2

There is so much more in any photographer's work, then choosing an image to include in a book or show, the image is representative of but that tiny moment in time when the shutter clicks, between these moments is the rest of the story. When asked for a subtitle for Desert Nudes I knew immediately what to write, "2 people and a camera", for most of the last two years this is how our images came about. Getting up in the middle of the night to go pick up a model and then drive sometimes 3 or 4 hours to a remote spot, to watch the sun rise and hopefully capture a bit of that magic in a photo or two. These were sometimes 2 day adventures out to places the roads were only roads in the sense a vehicle occasionally traveled them, these images represent what we found and how we felt out there.

From the very start I was sure a book would come from these adventures and this was solidified when I met Penelope Grace. On a warm Sunday afternoon we met at a Starbucks (doesn't everyone!) she paged slowly through my portfolio, and when she had reached the end she put her hands on mine and said "I need to be in this book." So we did a photo shoot a week later in an area near Joshua Tree under cloudy skies. She surprised me when she wrote a short journal entry about that day and her feelings while doing the photo shoot, I used it as the forward for Desert Nudes because it's a wonderful glimpse into what really happens. I then asked if she would want to help me put it together and over the next few months we worked on it together.

I owe everything to the people who braved the oh so early mornings and conditions out there, it is only because of their dedication and love of art that this book came about at all. There were moments of sheer beauty when the air was perfectly still and the sun had painted a watercolor sky, there were times it was blazing hot and Amy asked me "where to next?" I feel so blessed to be able to offer Desert Nudes, my humble tribute to a love of the desert, the balance of spirit and beauty of nature, it was a long, sometimes agonizing road and I would travel it again.... in a heartbeat.


Acerca del autor

D Winge Photography
dwinge Orange, CA

For me beauty is everywhere, even in remote, forgotten, abandoned and forsaken places. My goal is to present through photography a celebration of the beauty and humanity in nature. The art models in my work represent the harmony between humanity and the environment however harsh that environment might be, nature provides us the opportunity to contemplate, to explore, to experience and to celebrate. I hope to convey both the beauty and the wonder as it exists in our world, even off the beaten path and in an unforgiving climate.

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PenelopeGrac dice

David, you have done it...captured a "bit of that magic" offered by the beauty of the desert and the open heart of artists exploringit in your book. I feel so honored to be included and can't wait to see others enjoy your work!!

publicado 26 de ago. a las 15:19 PST


NurtureGirl dice

The mixture of black and white and color images gives this book a unique texture. David and his art models take the viewer to some of the most beautiful desert scapes in the world.

publicado 26 de ago. a las 15:15 PST


artlover2009 dice

Lovely use of nature and the female body. David has a style all his own that celebrates nature and women. Check this book out!!!

publicado 26 de ago. a las 15:10 PST

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